Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

Our hands represent the biggest source of infection, thus frequent hand wash and hand disinfection are mandatory measures to enhance hygiene and prevent infection transmission. The efficacy of alcohol-based hand disinfection to reduce the risk of bacteria and virus transmission is well-documented.


Plum disinfector 70%

Disinfector 70%

Ethanol-based disinfection gel (70 %) with lubricating properties for hand disinfection of bacteria. Well-suited for food processing staff, care staff in institutions, kindergartens, in public toilets and administrative buildings, industrial kitchens, restaurants and hotels and other areas subject to high hygiene standards.

  • 120 ml bottle (Art. no: 3728). Packaging: 10 x 120 ml
  • 1 l bag-in-box (Art. no: 3702). Packaging: 8 x 1000 ml
  • 1 l bag (Art. no: 3736). Packaging: 6 x 1000 ml