Use the PlumWipes to clean your hands if you do not have access to water. The propylene wipe absorbs and seals large amounts of dirt. You can reuse the same wipe several times, for example, for cleaning tools after cleaning your hands.


Plum Wipes általános

PlumWipes All-Purpose

Wipes which may be used for many different purposes. All-purpose wipes effectively but gently remove oil, wax, paint, grass and other ordinary dirt. The soft wipes can be used to clean hands, hard surfaces, machines and more. Ideal for service vehicles and other places where there is no access to water.

  • 200 pcs. (Art. no: 5332). Packaging: 4 x 200 pcs.



PlumWipes erős tisztítókendők

PlumWipes Heavy-Duty

Wipes for effective and gentle removal of oil, diesel oil, grease, paint, glue, resin and other difficult dirt without water use. The soft wipe can be used to clean the hands, hard surfaces, machinery, etc. Ideal for service vehicles and where water access is limited.

  • 150 pcs. (Art. no: 5331). Packaging: 4 x 150 pcs.
  • 50 pcs. (Art. no: 5330). Packaging: 6 x 50 pcs.