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Every employee should be safe at work and come home healthy every day


NORDIK Hungary Ltd. will be the successor of PLUM Hungary Ltd. in 2024.

As of 2 October 2023, the Swedish brand CEDERROTH, the German brand ACTIOMEDIC and the German brand B-SAFTEY will be marketed by our company in the Central and Eastern European region. Thanks to our close customer relationships, we receive continuous feedback on our products, which we use to offer our partners well thought-out, professional solutions. Fast and efficient emergency response with NORDIK products.


ACTIOMEDIC – emergency and medical devices – GRAMM Medical Healthcare GmbH’s own brand ACTIOMEDIC® is already known for our products. ACTIOMEDIC® is a successful first aid brand with products you can always rely on 100% in an emergency. With more than 100 years of experience as a medical device manufacturer, they have the ability to produce product solutions that recognize customer and user needs.

CEDERROTH – First Aid and Medical Devices – has been developing and selling first aid products and solutions since the mid-1970s, ensuring that even ordinary people can use the highest quality first aid products available.

B-SAFETY – Emergency Shower Systems – has been manufacturing high quality products since 1985 and is known for its strict compliance with European and international standards and regulations. Our eye showers and emergency showers provide the necessary safety for your business and offer your employees reliable help to protect themselves from serious injury.

PLUM – professional workplace hand protection and skin care – The Danish PLUM brand, owned by Kiilto Clean Oy of Finland, has been manufacturing Scandinavia’s market-leading industrial hand cleaning solutions for over 50 years. As a result of close cooperation with dermatologists, health centres and occupational safety consultants, we have over the years developed a product range that is highly effective, not least with ingredients that are skin and environmentally friendly and comply with skin protection regulations.

SMARTPIPE – Microbiological solutions – SmartPipe System Oy is an innovative Finnish company that develops and manufactures microbiological and sustainable solutions. They use special products to enhance the efficient operation of piping and wastewater systems. The special solutions significantly extend the lifetime of pipelines and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

First aid training at the workplace
Pursuant to Article 46 of the 1993 XCIII Act on Occupational Safety and Health, each workplace must provide a number of trained first-aiders for each shift, in accordance with the number of workers and the work hazards.
Do you want cheap or quality training that complies with the rules? You will find cheap training in many places, quality training, which is accepted during inspections, much less so!

About Plum

Plum Safety A/S has its roots in a Danish family business Plum A/S. Its history dates back to the 1860s. For more than 50 years, we have been dedicated to providing effective and user-friendly solutions for industrial hand hygiene. Now known worldwide, we serve a wide range of users in manufacturers from all industries as well as other institutions.

The Plum name stands for professional hygiene products. A wide range of skin care creams, hand cleansers and soaps, hand sanitisers. We strive to make your workplace safer and more hygienic.

Quality and respect for the environment are a high priority. Of course, our first priority is to serve our customers and partners. Our quality assurance system is a guarantee for our customers. We are also ISO 14001 certified.

As a result of our close cooperation with dermatologists, health centres and occupational safety consultants, we have over the years created a product range that is highly effective, not least because it contains ingredients that are skin and environmentally friendly and comply with skin protection regulations.


The first aid division of Plum has been bought by Lifco AB and is completely separated from the hygiene and skin protection division.


1860 – Frederik Plum, merchant, establishes N.M & F. Plum on 26 June

1965 – First production of Swarfega, a hand wash agent, later production is expanded with the soap and skin care products, mainly for industrial use

1972 – The company is reorganised to be managed by Ole and Karsten Plum. Plum’s commercial and public limited company comprises a lumber yard and sawmill, retail sales of construction material, a mill and mortar company, iron and steel works company, PHS, tools and flourishing chemicals / technical products business

1977 – Plum launches its proprietary hand wash agent

1980 – Plum Kemi Produktion A/S is established, located at Plum’s farm building in Assens, Denmark. The company changes its name to Plum Hudsikkerhed, subsequently to Plum A/S

1980 – 2001 – Divestment of lumber yard, retail sales and iron works activities; Plum starts selling hand hygiene products for the healthcare sector

1997 – Product range is expanded with eye wash products and subsequently broadened with a range of plasters and first-aid kits for use in the workplace

2004 – Plum A/S moves to 7300 m2 newly constructed facilities at Frederik Plums vej, Denmark

2005 – Plum Magyarország Kft. is established, the official representative of Plum in Hungary and Central Europe

2010 – Production facility expansion to support increased production output – launch of electronic dispensers

2015 – CCS Healthcare AB acquires Plum A/S and becomes a market leader in the Nordic hygiene product segment

2019 – CCS Healthcare acquired by Finnish KiiltoClean A/S

2019 – Lifco AB acquires Plum’s workplace safety business from Kiilto A/S, which becomes Plum Safety A/S. Lifco AB and Plum Safety will be responsible for workplace safety and first aid products, while KiiltoClean and Plum will be responsible for the hygiene and skin care business.

2020 – Plum Safety A/S separates from KiiltoClean A/S and moves administration to Mandelalléen, DK-5610.

2020 – Plum Magyarország Kft. will be the official representative of Kiilto A/S in Hungary and Central Europe and will continue to expand its portfolio with environmentally friendly products and cleaning products in addition to workplace safety

2023 – Plum Hungary Ltd. expands its portfolio with the german Actiomedic, the swedish Cederroth first aid products and the german B-Safety professional emergency shower systems

2024 – Plum Hungary Ltd. changes its name and Nordik Hungary Ltd. is established, offering a broad portfolio, extended services and first aid training.

Our values

Our core values are development, accountability, openness and honesty, which are reflected in each and every activity, and we are striving to meet our values in everything that we are doing.

We are developing ourselves and each other, professionally, personally and commercially. No development takes places without innovation, happy employees and growth.

We are accountable relative to each other and our surroundings. We show others respect and work in teams with a view to creating quality products while being environmentally friendly and safety-driven.

We are open towards and meet other people with respect. We are seeking and sharing information and actively and curiously listening to our surroundings and eachother.

We are honest and direct. We deal appropriately with confidential matters, provide feedback and proactively seek dialogue and collaboration.