Hand cleansers and skin care creams

Skincare program



Skin care before work

A skin cream before and during work helps maintain the skin’s natural protective function and makes it easier to clean. A mild cleanser is sufficient to clean the skin when using skin cream. Although healthy skin is better able to withstand exposure, it is advisable for everyone to use a skin cream before work, not just those with sensitive skin. Dry, rough and cracked skin, for example, can be the first symptom of a skin disease, which can only be prevented and treated with constant care. The most suitable cream should be chosen according to the type of work and the harmful substances that affect the skin.


Cleaning the skin

A gentle but effective cleanser, appropriate to the nature and extent of the contamination, is the optimum product for cleaning the skin. We have grouped our skin cleansing products into 3 main categories: hand cleansers, cream soaps and disinfectants. It is advisable to choose the most gentle solution possible and, if possible, use only soap.


Skin care after work

The skin of working people can only regenerate its natural protective function at night and during breaks between work and leisure, as it is exposed to the elements during the workday. It is therefore important to use a nourishing skin cream at the end of the working day to help restore the skin’s natural moisture and oil balance.